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I am Brandon, Founder and CEO of BRG Investing. What is BRG Investing and what are its investments options? Well, it is not what, but who. First, we invest in ourselves by understanding the things that we are passionate about; secondly, we invest our time in the people who have a desire to learn those very things.

I love to teach, motivate, and inspire others and this is why I created BRG Investing. I have spent years in the financial industry, reading, attending seminars, and coaching people on how to reach their financial goals and how to improve their credit. It is now time for me to do this without any ties or obligations to anyone, excepting my clients. I can now dedicate more time by offering the knowledge and experience gained to others who are willing to listen and work hard to achieve their goals.

With a Free Credit Building ConsultationWith a Free Credit Building Consultation

Here are two charts with credit score ranges on them along with percentage numbers: FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) scores and Vantage scores. What are the differences?

Well, your FICO score is looked at by Lenders to determine if you are trustworthy to extend credit too. Most lenders use this score to make their decision on extending credit.

VantageScore, on the other hand, is used for consumer credit-scoring and it is created through the three major credit bureaus (Exquifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

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Feel free to contact me for any questions or if you need any help or services! We provide professional, one on one help focused on helping people achieve their financial goals and improve their credit. Sometimes a little motivation and professional help is what we need to get us to where we want to be.

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