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we're a Central Texas business providing financial education to our community.

Hello, Welcome to BRG Investing”Hello, Welcome to BRG Investing”

Get To Know About Us

We are BRG Investing, a financial education company based in Round Rock, Texas founded by our CEO Brandon Griggs. As he went through his own struggles financially, early in his life after college, and working in the financial industry, for several years, helping people who were in need of financial help Brandon felt the need to free himself from the ties of working with a big corporations and start his own company.

Financial education is not taught or even mentioned in grade school or even college and this is a problem because year after year our kids graduate from college in great debt and find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

While working in the financial industry Brandon noticed how the Baby Booms can have $100K+ in their bank account, struggle month to month, and fear for their future because they don’t know if their money will outlast their life here on earth.

As mentioned above, Brandon felt the restrictions that working for a big corporations had on him so he decided to break free from corporate America and start his own business. This way he is able to provide a service that not only coaches and help people reach their financial goals, but gives him the freedom to suggest certain financial products as well as provide services he couldn’t while working in the financial industry.

At BRG Investing we have come up with proven strategies to help people build their credit, monitor their credit monthly, and reach their financial goals. We found that most people really do know what they need to do to reach their financial goals, but don’t quite know how to get there and that is what we can help you do!

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate as many people as we can financially, so that they can pass this on to their family, friends, and loved ones. Through financial education, we believe that we can generate wealth for our families that can last for generations. We want people to understand that it is important to take control of their finances as well as their investments so that they can have control over their future.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to build relationships with the financial institutions we will refer our clients to by using financial coaching techniques to help them reach their financial goals. We want to remove the barriers that prevent people from doing all that is necessary for their families’ financial future. This is at the heart of how we approach our work within the community. We set our sights high, and want to have a significant impact on the people we seek to build relationships with through the services that we provide.

Our Philosophy

Learning and Growth. We’re building a learning organization, so we’re not only helping you in the present, but also your loved ones in the years to come. We know that building a high trust, high performance company takes grit. At BRG Investing, we take the responsibility to continue to educate ourselves, through seminars, reading of books, staff development, and getting the professional coaching needed to take us to heights unknown. We realize that even the coach needs a coach because the market is constantly changing and we need to stay up on top of the latest trends and moves within the financial market.

Our Story

How It All Began!

After struggling through his own finances, after finishing college, and helping hundreds of people while working in the financial industry, Brandon, the Founder and CEO of BRG Investing, decided to provide a service to the people in his community; a service that was free from the restraints that he endured while working in a big corporation.

Who we are?

A small team of very talented people with professional and personal experience in helping people not only to build their financial future, but also to build and maintain the company’s own financial future.

What we do?

Provide a proven system that will get you to where you need to be financially or credit wise. We network and build relationships with financial institutions that offer clients the resources they need to build their financial future.

Whats Our Values?

We set our sights high and want to make a significant impact on the people we build relationships with- our clients. We are in an industry that can change people’s lives and we know and believe that we have to stay on top by keeping up with the latest trends and moves within the market place.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For ItDon’t Just Take Our Word For It


BRG Investing has been extremely professional in assisting us with handling our family’s credit repair and financial planning. With much detailed expertise, we were provided with the best financial planning advisory, that educated us and enhanced our personal knowledge base that shed light into all the dark areas of our finances; we were able to clearly define a road to properly saving money and discovering an improved debt management system. As we both followed the guided financial plan, we were able to see positive results with our credit after the first two months. With step-by-step credit building tips, including a break-down on the complete process to credit recovery, we now feel capable of successfully reaching our life goals, such as buying a house, reducing all of our negative debts and getting the vehicles of our dreams. Thanks to BRG Investing, we now have a real change at enjoying all what life has to offer.

– The Olivers

Brandon was a great help for my 88yr old Grandmother and I. We had several business matters that needed immediate attentions. He introduced us to the legal services that he provides and it has been a huge life saver. We worried so much about how my grandmother was going to get her Irrevocable Trust done away with, after she was charged $2000 to get it and then $1000 just to get it upgraded. Brandon took the time to meet with us and made sure that we got the help we needed. My grandmother was able to get her Irrevocable Trust done away with and got her Will done and it only costed 250$. I highly recommend Brandon to help you get the legal services you need

- Demarcus Garner

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me for any questions or if you need any help or services! We provide professional, one on one help focused on helping people achieve their financial goals and improve their credit. Sometimes a little motivation and professional help is what we need to get us to where we want to be.

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4500 E. Palm Valley Blvd, Set 108-PMB 43,
Round Rock, Texas 78665

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