Avoid Foreclosure

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Unfortunately, there are times when hard working people find themselves in a financial storm and fall behind on their mortgage payments. We at BRG Investing understand how stressful that can be, that is why we are here and why we are willing to provide you with the help you need for avoiding foreclosure and to relieve some of the stress you are having.

We have creative ways to help you move forward and prevent your home from foreclosure in Austin. We will buy your foreclosed home regardless of the existing conditions.

We treat all of our clients with respect and keep all information confidential.

We will NEVER share or sell any of your information.


Well, at BRG Investing we are investors who purchase properties for cash or market properties to other investors (other cash buyers). We can close on a property in a week or less.

Cash buyers purchase a property for 65% to 75% of the full market value so that they can make a profit. Not so at BRG Investing.  We make sure that the seller walks away with cash in hand.

Does your home have equity? Then a Quick Cash Sale is the fastest way to sell your property and to get cash in your hand.

None cash buyers and Real Estate Agents usually need 30 days, or sometimes more, to close on a property. First, to find a buyer and secondly, to get a lender to approve the buyer. This process comes with inspections, surveys, an appraisal, and repairs.

Cash buyers can close immediately and do not require the things listed above.

YOU, the seller, have nothing to worry about because the cash buyer takes care of the closing costs, commissions, closing costs on the resale, repair costs, and the costs that come with holding the home until it is resold.

We have all of the legal documents to get the property under contract and complete the process in a LEGAL manner.

If you wish to sell your home in Austin, Texas, walk away with cash in your hand, and put this stressful situation behind, contact BRG Investing to get a cash offer today by Clicking here.

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