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ID Protection

With all the current fraudulent activities, people need ID Protection more than ever. Equifax breach, debit card fraud, and identity theft have made the world a scary place to be. So, what if you can find a company that has been protecting people’s identity for over 40 years, with a proven system to monitor your credit and can take care of the unknown before it gets out of control?  CLICK HERE and let us protect your identity.  This service starts as low as $9.95 per month!

Legal Services

Under this picture in 2014, The Atlantic titled an article, which was published on their website, “Is There Such a Thing as an Affordable Lawyer?” This leads to a very important question, why are people afraid to call a lawyer? Simple! They are afraid because lawyer fees are too expensive. Well, what if you only paid a low monthly payment for a service where you had unlimited calls for legal advice, FREE write up for Wills, a maximum of 15 documents reviewed per month, and legal help with tickets. BRG Investing has collaborated with a legal service provider that have been serving people for over 40 years. CLIKE HERE to put your lawyer on speed dial. This service starts as low as $24.95 per month!

Commercial Driver's License Protection

As a truck driver your license is your way of making a living and you need to be able to stay on the road to provide for your family and pay your bills. There are a lot of things that work against truck drivers and some of them are out of your hands. Like if someone cuts you off and you are ticketed for driving too close or if you are involved in a fatal accident. In both of these incidences, as well as others, you need to be protected and BRG Investing has partnered with a company that will provide you with the legal service you need to help keep you and your family protected while you are on and off the road. So CLICK HERE and protect your CDL and your family. This service starts as low at $32.95