Know the difference between car insurance and car warranty

If you have a car warranty then it can cover different problems that your car has been facing like a mechanical failure. This is quite different than what the car insurance policy cover has stored for you. But the fact is both are two different concepts but are certain the part of auto-protect and it depends on you which option should you choose. In the end, while shopping for a car, to have knowledge of the difference between the car warranty and auto insurance south florida.

Know the difference

One of the biggest differences between car insurance and a car warranty is the protection type that it offers. A car warranty is made in such a way that only special mechanical breakdowns can be covered in it. This can be malfunctioning that may happen as a manufacturing defect or some parts of the car shopping prominent issues. On the other hand, car insurance can help you pay for vehicle repairs if there has been any serious accident or collision. If there is any other cause be it fire, theft, or natural disaster, car insurance can be very useful in such a case.

What can you get under a car warranty?

A car warranty at times is also known as a factory warranty which is the promise made by the manufacturer of the car to pay for the replacement parts or any parts that had been covered during the repairs in the warranty time. There are also many other warranty types that are part of such auto protection options. A new warranty for the car is often issued by the manufacturer of the car. There is also an extended warranty which can buy from Third Party Company or the car’s manufacturer.

What can you get under car insurance?

Car insurance can help you pay for the car damages if it has happened due to some collision or other reason such as theft or fire. This insurance can help you cover more than just some damages that have happened to your car.

Know the prominent difference

Unlike a warranty, the policy of the car insurance that you buy will not cover any vehicle issues due to breakdown of the equipment or mechanical problems.

There is also liability coverage which Car insurance offers. It helps to pay off the medical bills of the third party. In case there is also damage to the property, the same can be covered.


Now that you are pretty much clear with the difference between the car warranty and car insurance make a wise choice. Both options are good for the owner and the vehicle. But if you are stuck up on which service provider can be helpful then featured on Autodoki can be a great platform for you so that you will be able to save not just money but can stay protected against any kind of scam as well. Also to lessen the risk of accidents make sure you follow all driver’s equipment and have the policies updated from time to time so your car if has any damage, will not have to bare huge losses.